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Empresas Bern


About Us

Since 1978 we engage with families to build more than physical infrastructure, properties that elevate the quality of life. In all our projects, we seek to focus on meeting the needs of the panamanian and international market.


In Bern Enterprises we believe our history as a representative case in the history of real estate in Panama with more than 160 projects delivered in more than 35 years of history. Through generations, the trust of our customers has been the mainstay of our growth. Thanks to them we can enforce our slogan: Panama every day is worth more!

Our portfolio of works includes projects for residential, corporate and beach in addition to our hotel chain and its affiliates.

Organizations and Affiliated Companies

Bern Hoteles & Resorts


Bern Hotels & Resorts Panama, has as mission to offer the highest standards of quality in the tourism industry, providing visitors with an exceptional service with the purpose of those who come to know Panama to see turned your trip into a pleasant experience and encourage the development of Panama.

Affiliated Companies

In Empresas Bern we have the backing of affiliated companies that offer additional services for each project.