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    Empresas Bern


    Directed by Environmental Management (GEASA) one of our affiliated companies, they are in charge of advising, educating, overseeing and monitoring that our hotel chain, construction projects and offices are developed and operated in the best way respecting and conserving the environment.

    Among its activities are:

    • Elaboration of studies of environmental impact
    • Project monitoring reports for ANAM
    • Monitoring and monitoring of PTARS
    • Special studies: ERSA, PCES, PMCAL, Protected Areas, prevention of HC spill, etc.
    • Environmental Education (lectures, waste management, student tours, etc.)
    • Design of special wastewater treatment systems
    • Recruitment and follow-up on design and construction of PTARS
    • Pest control (fumigation, rodent control)
    • Environmental Tramitology
    • Aggressive Recycling Program of all types of waste developed in the construction projects as hotel and office have been able to recycle some 582.10 tons of solid materials and some 10, 000 gallons of used cooking oils and hydraulic
    • Greenhouses with plantings of organic products to be used in the preparation of food in the hotels where they are located
    • Investment in alternative energy such as solar panels that are used to assist with the heating of hotel water
    • Sewage treatment plant to be reused in the irrigation of plants